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Pregnancy Yoga

Keep yourself fit, strong & relaxed during your pregnancy, by practicing yoga. Read More >>>.

Baby Massage

Learn about our Baby Massage courses and the benefits. Read More >>>

Post Natal Yoga

Designed for both the very new and recent mummy’s body. Read More >>>

Active Workshop

This wonderful workshop is for you and/or your birthing partner. Read More >>>


NEW PostNatal Fit class coming to Swords!

What's involved?

This class will make you sweat and work hard! It will be a combination of PostNatal Fitness techniques and moves which are designed to get your heart rate up and working. We'll also use weights during the class, and we'll stick in a bit of yoga too :)

What do you need to bring?

You'll need to bring your buggy, an exericse/yoga mat, and if you have them, a light set of weights or a couple of filled big bottles of water. And water to drink! You might need a litlte towel if you are sweating. 

Who's it suitable for?

Anyone who has had a baby and has had their 6-week postnatal check, up until whatever age your 'baby' is...which could be 2 or 3 years old! We'll be outdoors, so the kiddies can stay in their buggies or be on the grass beside you. I won't have any minders, so it will be your responsibility to look after your own child. 

Will it run every week?

As it's a new class, we'll see how we go. But yes, I plan on running this class every week, unless it's heavily raining. If it's just spitting or very light rain, the class will still go ahead, so please bring your buggy rain covers and a light rainproof jacket for yourself. If the weather is looking dodgy, I will post on the Facebook Page before 8.30am to confirm if the class is running. 

How do I book?

See below via paypal, or you can send me a message on Facebook or text or email the usual numbers. You can also pay in cash or cheque on the 1st day of your new 5 weeks.


What is Mum & Baby Yoga and how does it benefit my baby?

A Mum & Baby Yoga class stimulates all the senses for baby, and gives mum a good stretch, regain strength and a chance to spend some quality one-to-one time with baby.  Helen teaches one of the only mum & baby yoga classes locally, where you are actually practicing yoga with/to the baby, which provides superb benefits for baby. With the combination of handling, touching, singing and movement, yoga improves the function of all of the body’s systems, including digestive, circulatory, nervous, balance and excretory systems, as well as giving greater confidence to mum or dad when handling and playing with their baby. We practice moves which help to encourage crawling, which is a hugely important neurological developmental milestone in a baby's life. 

As the brain is developing so quickly during the first few years of life, the stimulation of a Mum & Baby Yoga class will enhance the developmental process, strengthening all the functions of the nervous system through touch, song and movement, but most importantly builds muscular strength in neck, chest and shoulders through tummy time, encourages crawling, develops binocular vision, and develops the crucially important balance system. Yoga with baby can also be very effective in helping to release excess wind and digestive discomfort.

Doing yoga with a baby means playing, gently stretching, singing, having fun, interacting together and then relaxing together. Regular yoga practice with baby will help to tone your own muscles and also help to bring harmony to your own body post-natally.

Post natal exercises for mum are included in this class, which focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominals and back muscles, as well as shoulder and chest stretches and openers. Coming along to a Mum & Baby Yoga class is a wonderful opportunity to engage with baby one-to-one, during these precious first few months of life, learning how to read baby’s communication cues and of course is a great way to meet new friends.

The class is suitable for mum post 6 weeks. If you are pre-6 weeks post-partum, please call Helen to discuss suitability. Babies of all ages are welcome and can attend until baby is actively crawling and showing signs of readiness to walk.

Please note, if there are not 5 ladies signed up for the course, the course can be cancelled with 24 hours notice and all monies will be refunded.

Please bring along a yoga mat & little blanket for baby.



NEW!!! POSTNATAL FIT - bring your buggy & prepare to get fit & strong!

Next Course - Swords:

Course Date:
Course Location:

The Green beside Balheary Skatepark, Balheary Rd, Swords

Please park considerately

Course Time:

9:45 - 10:30am

Course Cost:

€50 for 5 classes, to be used over 6 weeks

Mum & Baby Yoga 2019!

Next Course - Swords:

Course Date:

Wednesday 1st May for 4 weeks

Course Location:

Applewood Community Centre, first floor


Course Time:

10 - 11am

Course Cost:

4 week course €65

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