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Pregnancy Yoga

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Baby Massage

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PostNatal Classes

Have fun watching your baby develop in this interactive and stimulating class. Read More >>>

Post Natal Yoga

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Active Birth Workshop

Feeling like you had a positive birthing experience can be truly life-changing and wonderfully empowering. With many mums feeling like they didn't have the birth they desired on their first pregnancy or perhaps feeling fearful about the process, we at mumandbaby.ie are here to help you give birth in the best way you can.

The powerful workshop is for you and/or your birthing partner, and will give you the best opportunity to have an active birth, teaching you how to avoid as many interventions as possible and how to remain in control as best you can. During this session you will learn:

  • How to have a calm & controlled birth
  • How to position yourself for the most comfortable & progressive labour
  • How to achieve more space in your pelvis, therefore attaining the best exit strategy for baby!
  • About the different interventions that can occur during labour...and how best to avoid them
  • About pain relief options, pros & cons
  • Amazing natural pain relief options
  • How to reduce the chances of an induction
  • How to address your birthing wishes to your Midwife / Obstetrician
  • How to be the best birthing partner...what to say and what NOT to say!

You can attend this workshop at any time you feel you are ready to learn more about the process of labour and birth. Most mums will do the workshop from about 30 weeks on, but it's very personal and can be done at any stage. 

Numbers at the workshop are limited, so please book early to secure your place. Courses are run approximately every 8 weeks.

Testimonial from Bridget:

"Just wanted to put in writing to you that I really did use what I learnt on the active birth workshop during my labour. It helped so much that I actually fell into a very peaceful sleep for 2 hours at 3cm dilated, woke up rested and relaxed at 8cm and was at 10cm within 30 minutes after that. My beautiful baby girl arrived swiftly thereafter to a very calm mummy ready to give her all the hugs and love in the world. I really can't thank you enough for a great workshop that informed and empowered me to relax into, enjoy (yes enjoy!!) yet take control of my labour. Thank you!!!!"

Testimonial from Niamh:

"Helen, my baby was born tonight during a natural, active birth. I did a lot of yoga lunges and went into natural labour. The registrar came around and said that although I had surges, he wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t dilated but I was fully dilated! Had my yoga mat in with me. I swear the lunges started the labour. Labour was perfect. No epidural, didn’t cross my mind. The pushing stage slowed down and again they wanted to do instrumental. I was like no way! If baby and I fine, we change positions. Great birth. Your classes were amazing and we will be back with you! You really helped me in achieving the natural birth I wanted xxx Niamh"

If you cancel your spot on the workshop with less than 48hrs notice, you will be required to pay the full amount regardless, as numbers for the workshop are deliberately kept small.

Next Course:

Course Date:

The next workshop will be in November 2018 

Course Location:

Tree of Life, Church Rd., Malahide

Course Time:

1 - 4pm

Course Cost:

€125 for the birthing mum. If your birthing partner is free to attend, there is no extra cost. Cost includes a comprehensive manual of all notes and teas/coffees and biccies. To secure your spot, please pay the €40 deposit below.